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An ongoing series of informational entries written by our Interns

Introducing our Prototypez Film Crew Blogging Team.  

We are happy to introduce our amazing and talented bloggers for Prototypez!  As we move forward, we will be adding more bloggers, more subjects and will be working to also include Vlogging.  At Prototypez, we value the honest input of our talented bloggers and look forward to bringing you new posts weekly as they film and attend various events all over Clark County.  Learning by experiencing things first hand.  Our first featured blogger is Toni, she is an intern for the film crew.  In her own words, we asked her to introduce herself to you, she wil be here weekly showing you the excitement of being an intern for the Prototypez film crew!  “Hi, I’m Toni and I am so happy I found Prototypez. I am 15, love the color pink and pizza is my favorite food. We learned how to use video/recording equipment and last weekend went to a private pop/rock concert to provide media coverage, which was tons of fun!”

Basketball anyone?   Our interns film B-ball practice!   

Our film interns filmed some exciting basketball practice the week of March 15!  Toni and the crew got some great shots while learning more about filming and documenting events as a film crew.  Let's let Toni tell you a bit about it.  

Hi, Toni here again! This week we filmed a basketball practice at ICLV. This was a bit more intense than the concert recording. The guys moved very fast so I had to concentrate a bit more when filming; they are so talented.”

Getting ready for Easter!  Filming the Egg Hunt, March 27

On March 27, we had an exciting Easter egg hunt and the Prototypez film crew was there to make sure we included you in on the fun!  Inside each little egg were some fun items or treats for everyone.  Toni not only covered the event by filming, but she also made sure she joined in on the egg finding fun!   Happy to share her egg hunt with you, here's what she had to say.  

“Do you like to color and decorate Easter eggs? I love to decorate with hand drawn patterns then dunking the egg in many colors for a tie dye effect. The week before Easter we participated in recording Easter egg hunts with different groups of kids. Some were in wheelchairs while other couldn’t even talk but everyone had tons of fun. We even did interviews with some of the volunteers and Mr. Brandon (Prototypez) and worked together on my videos!”

Our First Tech Solution Blog Entry


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